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For the nerds

Part Agency,  part machine.

Part qual, part quant

Part why, part when, where, who and what

Part video,  part numbers

All our research work runs through our video-first survey platform. It seamlessly collects the numbers (when, where,  who and how many) whilst not forgetting that the why is needed to understand the full story and extract game-changing insights.


Check out our Team to see why you can't have one without the other.


Get ready to nerd out because here's how our process works.

1. Qualitative participants record responses in video

First, a qualitative-sized sample respond to all the quant-y questions (numbers) in the online survey, plus they record video responses directly within the survey for the qual-y type questions (thoughts, feelings, perceptions or reasons why).


2. Survey guides in video, moderate the experience for participants

Survey guides (AKA our very experienced researchers) will pop up in pre-recorded videos to moderate the survey experience & make it feel more human. Using qualitative moderation techniques, we explain the questions and help participants tap into how they really feel before recording. This unique human element ensures that participants are considered and focused in their responses, no waffling, no voxpops… just cut-through, gold nugget insights for your business.

3. Quantitative people size and and validate the video

Then we make things robust. We send a larger subset of your audience through the exact same survey, answering all the quant-y numbers-based questions too to get some weight behind the data.  The difference is, when this group gets to the qual-y why type questions they won't leave video, instead they'll get to watch some of the videos left behind by the previous subset.  Our platform’s algorithms are the first of its kind, allowing your participants to upvote the video responses that best represents how they feel .

Hold on... what?

That's right, the participants themselves, not the researcher, decide collectively who speaks their truth.


The result is authentic, validated and quantified video insights that can stand up in any boardroom and quiet down the opinions of others by keeping the focus on the customer voice.

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