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  • Katherine McCulloch

The Success Series: mindset exploration with video

We often get asked "How can you explore consumer motivations and barriers without any probing?"

The answer?

By spending a LOT of time upfront in designing really clever questions.

Considered and meticulous question design combined with in-platform video moderation can, in many cases, negate the need to probe in a qualitative research setting. Qualie video surveys include pre-recorded video moderation throughout the survey.

Yep, Qualie's actual research directors pop up on camera, using proven qualitative techniques to help participants dig deep - just like in a focus group.

This customised video-moderation combined with meticulously-crafted questions mean that participants are able to relax, distill their thinking, open up and get to the heart of things in an authentic and efficient way.

Still not sure if Qualie can really go there qualitatively?

We’ve carried out exploratory, foundational research for many clients through the power of video. Here’s one such success story…


An Australian alcohol-free wine label


This client required a deep, foundational understanding of their consumers’ mindsets including their category motivation. The challenge was in mapping needs-based consumer personas by deeply understanding their emotional drivers, barriers, attitudes and beliefs.


Through Qualie's moderated video survey platform participants gave voice to their personal stories, struggles and motivations as they related to the category. With this deep understanding of the emotional drivers and barriers to choosing non-alcoholic beverages, several consumer personas to life and illuminated important themes around social pressure, addiction and mental health as well as physical wellness. These insights will form the foundation for phase 2 in which the personas will be validated at scale through the Qualie platform to understand the prevalence of these each in market as well as the demographic and behavioural data which overlays them.

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