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  • Katherine McCulloch

The Success Series: customer journey mapping with video

Why video?

  • Through Qualie’s built in video moderation and video recording your customers can comfortably articulate and clarify moments of pain and joy in their customer experience. Qualie’s unique process of reflection and distillation, allows customers to tap into experiences and articulate feelings on camera, so you understand not just fleeting impacts, but longer term implications for your product or service.

  • Qualie videos make it easy to understand what lingers and what fades in their perceptions, what impacts their decision-making so you can prioritise the disproportionate moments of impact along the journey.

  • All videos are reviewed and validated at scale by your audience, so you can be sure what you're hearing at across journey touch points is robust and representative without any risk of group think or researcher bias.

We've helped many clients better understand their customer journey through the power of video. Here's one such success story...


Australian electricity and gas provider


To understand customer triggers, behaviours, needs & barriers along the path to purchasing solar energy plans


Using Qualie's hybrid quant-qual methodology we were able to map key journey touch points, identify disproportionate moments of influence and present meaningful personas back to the business on video which have since informed product, marketing and comms initiatives.

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